2016 Operational Collection Northwest Peak Genetically Diverse WBP

Project Title: Operational Collection Northwest Peak Genetically Diverse WBP

Project Contact: Ann Odor, 406-295-7466 (aodor@fs.fed.us)

Location: (state, agency unit, etc.) Kootenai NF Three Rivers Ranger District, Northwest Peak Genetically Diverse WBP area (T37N R36W portions of Sections 18,19,20 and T37N R34W portions of section24. Principal Montana Meridian, Lincoln County, Montana)

Size of Treated Area: (acres, trees) 10 trees

Planting: NO


Number of seedlings planted:

Planting location (state, National Forest):

Specific landmark or lat-long:

Area planted (acres): N/A

Seed source screened for resistance? N/A

If other, explain:

Plus trees Unknown

Objective(s) (from original request):

  • Identify trees for operational cone collection.
  • Monitor general condition and trend of WBP health
  • Secure seed from genetically diverse population of WBP.

Gather seed for future planting needs in the Buckhorn EIS proposed burn areas with burns to be implemented approximately 2015-2024



WBP Funding Received $

Other Funding $

Description /Source/in-kind

Please list origin of matching funds

Salary $3300.00 $2750.00 Includes salaries for recon, tree selection, and hazard pay for 3 climbers to cage in July and remove cages & collect cones in Sept. and to clean, package and deliver cones the CDA nursery. Other source $ are from YCC crew and volunteer days from retired FS employees.
Travel $650.00 Fuel & Fleet costs
Supplies $350.00 Burlap sacks, cages and misc. climbing gear
Other (specify)
Totals $3300.00 $3750.00

Did Whitebark Restoration funding get used or obligated? If not, briefly explain: YES

Project Status: (Is the project complete? If not, what remains to be accomplished? – provide time line) The objective is ultimately to collect enough cones from at least 20 different individuals to meet anticipated planting needs. Between this year and 2014 (our earliest bulk collection) we have only been able to collect from about 8 – 10 unique ones. There are more options, however they have not produced cone crops yet.

Results: (what did you accomplish and what have you learned)

Roughly 300 cones were collected from 8 trees. Was a great educational opportunity for the YCC crew as well as the volunteers from the Yaak Valley Forest Council.

Will outcome meet objectives?: Relatively speaking, this was a good collection for this area, it will definitely help us get there.

Are there plans for monitoring or follow up? If no, why not? Additional collections will be necessary, cone crop monitoring will be ongoing.

Changes needed or Problems Encountered: (briefly discuss changes or problems and effects they had on your project) Nothing out of the ordinary. Due to the access, this project always requires mobilizing many people which can be challenging.