2015 FHP Projects

Restoring Whitebark Pine – One Project at a Time



Title LocationContact
Evaluating Trends in the Health of Natural and Restored Populations of Whitebark Pine in Mount Rainier and North Cascades National Parks, Washington North Cascades National Park Service Complex and Mount Rainier National ParkRegina M. Rochefort
Helena National Forest Whitebark Pine Regeneration and Release Monitoring Lincoln RD, Helena National Forest, MontanaRiley Dopler
Freezeout Ridge Cone Collection St. Joe Ranger District, Idaho Panhandle National ForestSidnee Dittman
Operational Seed Collection in the Greater Yellowstone EcosystemGreater Yellowstone/Grand Teton Seed ZoneKelly McCloskey
Operational Collection Baree Mountain Genetically Diverse WBPBaree Mountain Genetically Diverse WPB area, Libby RD, Kootenai NF, MontanaRudy Geber
FY15 Helena National Forest Operational Cone Collection Helena National Forest, MontanaRiley Dopler
Lewis and Clark NF Whitebark Pine (WBP) Operational Cone Collection

Little Belt Mountains, Lewis and Clark National Forest, MontanaTanya E. Murphy
Okanogan-Wenatchee Whitebark Cone CollectionOkanogan Wenatchee NF, WashingtonEireann Pederson
Little Bear GYGT Whitebark Pine Seed Orchard Weather Station

Little Bear Seed Orchard, Bozeman RD, Custer Gallatin NF, MontanaKeith Konen
Field Testing/Verification of Blister Rust Resistance in Whitebark Pine from Wide Ranging Provenances BLM Tyrrell seed orchard complex, OregonRichard Sniezko
Whitebark Pine (WBP) Regeneration Strategies: Direct seeding versus Planting Seedlings Evaluations: 2014 Evaluation and Monitoring Montana, Idaho & WyomingTerrie Jain
2014 Cascade Whitebark Pine Restoration Contract Cascade Ranger District, IdahoKeith Wilson
Cache Creek Whitebark Pine Restoration Lowman Ranger District, IdahoKeith Wilson
Cache Creek Whitebark Pine Restoration Inoculation of whitebark pine seedlings with native ectomycorrhizal fungi: field restoration project on a burn Eureka FireBurn, GYGT, Gravelly Range, MontanaDr. Cathy L. Cripps
Whitebark Pine Seedling Out-Planting in Glacier National Park Glacier National Park, MontanaDawn LaFleur
Gold Pass Seedlings St. Joe RD, Idaho Panhandle NFSidnee Dittman
Reforestation and Pre-planting surveys – High Priority Restoration AreasWind River/Washakie RD , Shoshone National Forest, WyomingEllen Jungck
Lolo forestwide WBP cone collectionPlains/Thompson Falls RD, Lolo NF, MontanaMike Mueller
East Prospect WBP Planting Superior RD, Lolo NF, MontanaCarly Aniballi
Enhancing Regeneration of Whitebark Pine on the Sawtooth National ForestSawtooth National Recreation Area, IdahoRobin Garwood
2015 Flathead NF Whitebark Pine Planting Skyland Fire Area, Flathead NF, MontanaMelissa Jenkins
Whitebark Pine Discovery Trail Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Deschutes NF, OregonChris Jensen
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