2014 Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests WBP Operational Cone Collection

Project:  Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests WBP Operational Cone Collection

Agency/Forest or Park/District:  Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests

Project coordinator:  Bob Grubb

Contact:  Bob Grubb, Powell Ranger District, Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, Idaho; 208-476-8308; bgrubb@fs.fed.us


Source of funding/amount FHP:  WBP: $8,000 of funding provided; FS supplemental funding: $10,460 (salaries, travel, equipment and supplies).  All funding received was obligated and used within FY2014 for target activity.

Dates of restoration efforts:  FY 2014

Objectives:  Ensure that the Forest has adequate WBP seed for future WBP restoration planting projects.  Several WBP restoration projects are currently being planned, including the Coolwater Ridge project on the Lochsa R.D. and the continuing WBP restoration efforts on the Powell R.D. including the Granite Ridge area which burned in 2011 and the Powell SBW Complex fire that burned in 2012.

Acres/ha treated:  Variable; minimum # of trees collected from = 20

Methods:  Seed source not screened for resistance. Collected from one plus tree in the 20 tree collection.

Planting? If so, source of seedlings? Resistance?  N/A

Outcome:  Cone collection for FY2014 is complete. Collected cones from 20 trees (one plus tree) with a total bushel count of 4.5 bushels of cones. Future cone and seed collection will continue on an ongoing basis within areas identified for this activity.

Monitoring since completion of the project:  N/A


Plans for future monitoring?  No follow-up monitoring.

Will outcome meet goals?  Yes, collection of cone (seed) will be an annual ongoing program activity. Cone collection will be performed on 1 to 2 cone collection areas annually. The amount and number of collection areas will depend on cone conditions.

Future actions/follow up:  Cone collection areas will be monitored for cones annually.

Miscellaneous comments: