2007 Simmons/Quarles Peak WBP Cone Collection

Project:   Simmons/Quarles Peak Cone Collection

Agency/Forest or Park/District:  USFS, Idaho Panhandle National Forest, St. Joe Ranger District (Avery, Idaho)

Project coordinator:  Sidnee Dittman

 Whitebark Pine seedlings microsited next to log

Whitebark Pine seedlings microsited next to log

Contact:  Sidnee Dittman- Cuturist, tree climber, member of the Inland Empire Tree Improvement Council and Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation. 34 Hoyt Drive, Avery, Idaho. 83802.   208-245-6248.   sdittman@fs.fed.us

Cooperators:  USFS

Source of funding /amount

FHP: $4,000

Supplemental funding: $910 from FS

Dates of restoration efforts

Project was completed in early Fall 2007.  Caged cones at Simmons Peak on June 28th and Quarles Peak on July 16th.  Collected cones on September 27th and October 9th.


Collect cones of approximately 16 apparently rust resistant WBP trees in the Simmons/Quarles Peak areas to complete the collection for two operational seed lots. This seeds would be used for future landscape level restoration projects.

Acres/ha treated   16 trees


Planting Quarles Peak seedlings

Planting Quarles Peak seedlings

We have collected cones in both areas since 2003. Additional trees are needed from both sites to reach the 20 trees required for planting operations: 5 trees from Simmons Peak and 11 trees from Quarles Peak.

General methods: identification and flag of trees in early July, cone caging in mid-July and cone collection in mid to late September.


We collected 480 cones off 21 trees.  12 trees from Quarles and 9 trees from Simmons Peak.  Due to a mishap at the nursery, the Simmons Peak Cones went into the Quarles Peak seedlot.  So the simmons Peak lot wasn’t completed this year and the Quarles seedlot has even more seed plus a broader genetic base.

Monitoring since completion of the project

Planted 23 acres with the Quarles Peak seedlot in 2009 and 2011 in the upper St. Joe.

Will outcome meet goals?

Yes, we collected seed to outplant, so we have met our goals.

Future actions/follow up?

With future funding we plan on continuing to collect seed, sow and outplant WBP back onto the landscape.