2009 Cache Whitebark Pine Data Collection

Project: Cache Whitebark Pine Data Collection

Agency/Forest or Park/District: Boise National Forest, Lowman Ranger District

Project coordinator: Pete Wier

Contact: Pete Wier, Boise National Forest, Lowman Ranger District, 7359 Hwy 21, Lowman, ID 83637, (208) 259-3361 ex 7545, pwier@fs.fed.us

Cooperators: None

Source of funding /amount

FHP: $3000

Supplemental funding:  none

Dates of restoration efforts

Summer 2009


Collect stand data and identify whitebark pine restoration opportunities within an area that may have genetic resistance to white pine blister rust.

Acres/ha treated

200 acres of data collection


Walk through exams would determine the extent of the whitebark pine community in this area.  Treatment areas would be delineated based on these exams.  Stand data would be collected within the delineated treatment areas in preparation for analysis.

Planting? If so, source of seedlings? Resistance?  No


Currently, 105 acres have been established with initial long term sampling.  The remaining acres (95) will be planted and sampled by Spring 2014.

Monitoring since completion of the project

Project will be completed Spring 2014.

Dates    2012

Plans for future monitoring?     Continue to implement remaining 95 sample acres with initial plots in 2014.

Will outcome meet goals?

This will be determined after data collection is completed.

Future actions/follow up?           

Continued monitoring.