2009 Greenwood/Tepee WBP Release

Project: Greenwood/Tepee WBP Release

YCC crew and Jason

YCC crew and Jason

Agency/Forest or Park/District: Plains/Thompson Falls RD, Lolo NF, Sanders County, MT

Project coordinator: Valerie Walker

Contact: Valerie Walker vwalker@fs.fed.us, (406) 826-4343


Source of funding /amount

FHP: $1,100

Supplemental funding: $885.00, NFVW


Plot 8 WBP with pulled competition

Plot 8 WBP with pulled competition

Dates of restoration efforts 

July, 2009


Release planted WBP from competing conifers

Acres/ha treated

15 plots approximately 1/10 acre each (variable plots)


Because whitebark pine’s intolerance to competition is well documented, this project was not intended as a study.  Our intent was to protect the investment already made in restoring the species to these sites and to help ensure the seedlings survive to reproductive maturity.  Because the total number of seedlings involved is so small, there will not be an untreated control population.

Plot 1 WBP before release

Plot 1 WBP before release

We accompanied a YCC crew walking into these areas when the soil was moist and hand-pull all non-WBP within 12’ of a WBP.

Planting? If so, source of seedlings? Resistance? 

Not planting


We were satisfied with our efforts to protect the investment made in these seedlings by maintaining their freedom from competition.  We were fortunate to have a YCC crew on the District this season that provided many hands cheaply.  This project dovetailed nicely with having this crew build cone cages, identify trees for an operational cone collection, then accompany the climbers through the caging process, and provided a broader view of whitebark pine restoration.




Plot 5 WBP with pulled competition

Plot 5 WBP with pulled competition