2011 WBP Forest Inventory for BLM-administered land in Wyoming & Montana

Project:  Whitebark Pine Forest Inventory for BLM administered land in Wyoming and Montana

Agency/Forest or Park/District:  Dillon Field Office, Montana BLM, Kemmerer Field Office, Wyoming BLM

Commissary Ridge Whitebark Pine Plu Tree COM003 at edge of stand within the inventory area

Commissary Ridge Whitebark Pine Plus Tree COM003 at edge of stand within the inventory area

Project coordinator: Dana L. Perkins

Contact: Dana L. Perkins, Forest Ecologist and Five Needle Pine Coordinator, Idaho BLM, 1387 S. Vinnell Way,Boise, ID. 83709. Phone: 208-879-6243. Email: dana_perkins@blm.gov. Cell 208-481-1006


Robert Means, Forestry Lead, Wyoming BLM, William Hensley, Forestry Lead Montana, Joe Adamski, Forestry Lead, Idaho BLM, Emily Guiberson, Forester, Dillon Field Office, Jason Sieg, Forester, Kemmerer FO.

Source of funding /amount

FHP: $12,000

Supplemental funding: $8,460 Foresters oversight.

Dates of restoration efforts

July 2011-September 2014


Our objective is to expand our forest inventory of lower treeline, whitebark pine woodlands on BLM administered lands to obtain estimates and causes of mortality, obtain white pine blister rust infestation levels, and obtain quantitative metrics on size and age structure. We initiated forest inventory in 2010 and obligated a contract for 2011 for four sites and 22 stands in Idaho. Our objective is to build on this inventory and expand to Montana and Wyoming. Funds would be used to augment the contract and/or add additional labor to season workforce.

Acres/ha treated

400-600 acres


Data collected shall be compatible with BLM’s Forest Vegetation Information System (FORVIS) version 3.0. Version 3 is a new (Nov. 2010) web based forest inventory program, with GIS capabilities. It complements, and can be used with USFS Common Stand Exam and Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS).

Planting? If so, source of seedlings? Resistance?  No


Funding was obligated for a contract for forest inventory (stand exam) on approximately 1200 acres of BLM administered lands in 2011.  Contractor completed inventory of 218 acres, on 6 stands, with 50 plots on  Commissary Ridge on the Kemmerer Field Office (Fig. 1). Data was compiled in excel spread sheets and BLM’s Forest Inventory and Vegetation System (FORVIS). Remaining 8 areas, on approximately 1200 acres are slated to be completed summer 2014. Areas include Wyoming BLM Buffalo and Worland Field Offices, Montana BLM Dillon Field Office(Table 1).

Table 1. Stand areas, locations, size and number of plots slated for forest inventory for FY 2014.

Area Information Stand abbrev. Forvis_id No. plots Stand size (acres)
Medicine Lodge (ML) ML1 DMDLG0670 10 45
Quad: Medicine Lodge Peak, 1:24,000. ML2 DMDLG0740 10 55
T 12 S, R 12 W, Sec(s) 15, 22 ML3 DMDLG0770 10 29
Total Medicine 30 129
Upper Horse Prairie (UPH) UHP1 DUHPR1270 10 120
Quad: Jeff Davis Peak, 1:24,000. UHP2 DUHPR1120 10 108
 T 11 S, R 13 W, Sec(s) 1, 2. UHP3 DUHPR1220 10 41
UHP4 DUHPR1210 10 26
UHP5 DUHPR1180 10 70
UHP6 DUHPR1190 10 31
Total Upper Horse 60 396
 Widow Mountain (WM)Quad: Widow Mountain, 1:24,000T 43 N, R 4 E Sec. 22  WM1 IDCDWIDO001 10 63
 WM2  IDCDWIDO002 10 23
WM3 IDCDWIDO003 10 39
Total Widow Mountain 30 125
Rattlesnake Mountain (RM)  R3M1 WYCOLOGA001 10 44
1:24,000 Quad: Logan Mountain
T 53 N, R103W, Sec(s)  7.
Total Rattlesnake 10 44
Grass Creek (GM)1:24,000 Quad: Milk Creek  GC1 WYWOMINK001 10 90
T 45 N, R 100 W, Sec(s) 17, 20
Total Grass Creek 10 90
Billy Creek (BC)1:24,000 Quads:  Robinson Canyon, Klondike RanchAccess Billy Creek Rd.  BC1 WYBUROBI001  10 80
T48N, R83W, Sec(s) 19, 28, 29, 33, 34  BC2 WYBUROBI002  10 36
Estimate  Billy Creek 20  116
 South Bighorns -Mayoworth Road (MR)  MR1 WYBUFRAK001 10 14
1:24,000 Quads: Fraker Mountain, Packsaddle Canyon.Location: T45N, R84W, Sec(s) Sec(s) 6-8, 16, 17, 21, 22, 25-28  MR2 WYBUFRAK002 10 35
MR3 WYBUFRAK003 10 39
MR4 WYBUFRAK004 10 24
MR5 WYBUFRAK005 10 32
MR6 WYBUFRAK006 10 59
Estimate Mayoworth 50 203
South Bighorns – Middle Fork (MF)  MF1 WYBUGORD001 10 48
1:24,000 Quads:  MF2 WYBUGORD002 10 29
Poker Butte, Gordon Creek
T42N, R84W, Sec(s) 16-18, 19-21, 28-30
T42N, R85W, Sec(s) 35, 36
Access: Unimproved road to Middle Fork Recreation Area.  Any other routes require permission from local landowners.
Estimate Middle Fork 20 77
TOTAL FY2013-2014 230 1,180


Monitoring since completion of the project

Dates:  2012- Kemmerer FO used stand exam information for silvicultural

prescriptions to remove subalpine fir, the dominant competitor with whitebark and limber pines.  (Figure 1)  Whitebark pine composed 10-68% of species composition for trees greater than 4.5 feet in height, before thinning. Seventy five acres were treated in 2013 and 175 acres are slated for treatment in 2014.  Contact is BLM forester Jason Sieg, jsieg@blm.gov, Kemmerer Field Office.

Fig 1

Figure 1. Commissary Ridge species composition (trees greater than 4.5 feet height) inventoried 2011.

Plans for future monitoring?

This is the southernmost stand of whitebark pine in the Rocky Mountains and we expect to monitor the success of thinning to favor whitebark and limber pines on this site. There are also 8 whitebark pines and 10 limber pine plus trees at this site.

Will outcome meet goals?

Yes. BLM’s FORVIS database has already been populated with stand data from Idaho. The completion of this contract in Wyoming and Montana will provide stand structure, species composition and disease and insect information to silviculturist and will be housed at the National Operations Center in Denver as well as at local field offices.